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new track

2008-03-25 09:43:52 by Stabby-person

Hi, I`ve made my a track with FL, please check it out. i`ll be trying diffrent software from now one though so it may get better


2008-03-04 13:48:09 by Stabby-person

I`ve remixed the Blunt Strike song, I hope it`s better now.

People vote on it ! now! even if u hate it!

first submission

2008-03-01 07:37:01 by Stabby-person

jeej i`ve made my first submission to newgrounds. An adio submission. Now wait untill its get aproved. I`ll post the link to the song soon enough, i hope you like drum `n bass


2008-02-28 06:56:40 by Stabby-person

ok flash is really hard, especially when there`s no circel tool around